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Why should You hire Me?

A virtual assistant can provide valuable services to businesses by completing both generalized and specialized tasks without the typical costs of a full-time employee. You can hire me to perform general online office tasks, such as managing calendars and answering emails. I can provide a variety of services based on your needs. Nevertheless, I have specialised in Social Media Management. A strong social media presence can increase awareness of your business and generate more revenue. Social media content production can create thoughtful and consistent posts on your online accounts. Public Relations and event planning are also personal strong skills. These require coordinating many services and steps, including catering, renting a venue and confirming guests. I can help you find the right services and ensure all your events function smoothly as well as the complete communication process behind your business. Photography services and creativity will complete my professional identity. Let’s develop together a written and visual concept and I’ll make it real.

What do You need Me for?

Corporate Identity

Social Media Manager 

Public Relations

Public Relations

Black and white portrait photography



Roberta Sneider

Virtual Assistant

Italian Style

Born in Rome half a century ago.

Creative, positive, trustful, structured, professional. Italian, German, English and French speaking.

Loving arts, literature, nature, traveling, interacting.




Equestrian Vaulting

Equestrian Voulting

Re Tarquinio




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Rome, Italy



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