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A VA & SMM can change your Monday thoughts


Delegate your work. Stop spending dollar time on penny jobs.

What the heck is a Virtual Assistant and why me

Delegating does not make you lose control!

We can arrange periodic checks to validate the work.


Together, we agree either on an hourly rate or you can choose a package.


While you focus on your duties, I can take these off your shoulders: Social Media Management | Photo Shooting | PR | Administrative Work.


I work for objectives and can take on different facets.

Let’s start with my main strength: my long-lasting working experience in different branches and countries.


In Germany, I managed a non-profit banking association as its Secretary-General and organized PR events all over Europe. After my second son was born, I had a third one: my exclusive language school with thematic travel.


Advertising agencies, television, and well-known newspapers have all welcomed me for very interesting stages over the years. Working and travelling in the USA, France, and Spain also broadened my horizons.


Many experiences share common traits: passion, creativity, and professionalism.

I can assist you with SMM

Let your potential clients share your vision, and their heartbeats will accelerate. Be unique, be professional, and be WILD!

Social Media Manager

Social media management always presents new challenges and allows me to apply all of my skills. Being approximative is not part of my character, so I deepened and formalized my skills by taking courses at SDA Bocconi. In addition, photography and writing have been my favorite hobbies since I can remember. This is to tell you that I’m ready and well-equipped to support you in:


Branding Storytelling Winning

Branding Storytelling Winning

What a Social Media Manager can do.

You can stop struggling with your corporate identity and branding.


Let me do the research, check your competitors, and help you develop a unique image and strategy.


You are not alone… We are overwhelmed with products, services, posts, and warrior marketing. It is appealing to distinguish oneself from competitors.


Most importantly, one has to find and define the niche and create unique content. As a result, engagement with the targeted community may become a reality.


Nowadays, customers want to be a part of the entire process of developing your brand and products.


To start, we need to ask ourselves: What motivates our daily work? What is special about our product or service? Can we put it into selling wording and winning images? We can find the answers together.

Binding Branding​ Bridge

Binding Branding Bridge

A brand acts as a bridge to your community and potential consumers. In other words, a brand is made up of symbols and meanings that connect the company and the consumer.


Through brand storytelling, you build this bridge. That is, through stories and content that elicit emotional responses and new perspectives on reality.


In short, your impactful storytelling shows the benefits of products and services, but also deeper meanings and identities that distinguish a brand from a competitor.


They help communicate the brand’s worldview and imagine the future, connecting the life of the company to the lives of its customers.


In conclusion, an evocative brand, captivating content, and good management of your social media will do the job!

Few Fine Tip

And more, much more …

I can assist you with PR

Virtually, we can touch the sky with our fingers!

Public Relations

Working remotely doesn’t impede me to:


Need assistance with firm communication, creating and editing promotional materials and publications, and preparing and distributing press releases?

Do you have no time to organize public relations events (such as open days and press conferences)?

Last but not least, I seek opportunities for partnerships, sponsorship, and advertising. Address inquiries from the media and other parties. Track media coverage and follow industry trends.

Prepare and submit PR reports. Manage PR issues. Well, I’m not alone. I have a great team with me. Interested?

I’m based in Rome, Italy. Consider organizing a firm event in the Eternal City with an all-rounder at your disposal.

Would that be appealing?


I can assist you with Photo

Powerful photography evokes powerful emotions.


Working remotely doesn’t impede me to:


If in the selling process, you don’t know how to evoke powerful emotions, you’ll struggle to get even mediocre results.

People largely buy based on emotions.

The motivations and aspirations of your customers should ultimately determine what you’re really selling.

A great visual impact is the opening window to your business!


I can assist you with Admin

Outsource your Admin routine and focus on your clients!

Outsource your Admin routine and focus on your clients!


Working remotely doesn’t impede me to:


Your inbox is so full that you can’t distinguish between spam and business?


Your clients need attention, but you have lost the overview. Well, don’t get WILD but get structured and roar for help and not for desperation!


Let me help you save time and nerves and get your business under control again!

Benefit from Virtual Collaborations

Let’s Work Together!

I strongly believe in cross-marketing and profitable collaboration. And You?